Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shelf Tower

Something purely fun: I transformed a bunch of ABC blocks that children like to play with into a shelving unit that resembles a tower. I used some found wood, ABC blocks I bought on Ebay, glue and nails to create this artwork.

The second photo has my hand in it so you can get a sense for the size of the shelves. There are a couple of knick-knacks on the bottom shelf, and it's likely that knick-knacks are what the shelves could be used to hold.

Thanks for viewing.

Original Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007


Sarah said...

Won't you come and play with me? These are great Steve! What's on the very tip top?

Steve said...

Sure I'll play with you Sarah! The top is an ABC wood block that I turned into a chimney (cylinder).
Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

This shelf is so very cute! What do you plan to do with it? My dad loves to transform ordinary things & not so ordinary things into art. I have some of his creations in my house that I totally cherish. I love your site! It rocks!
Have a Great Day!

Steve said...

Hi anonymous,
Thanks for all of your visits.. maybe one day I will know your name.
I planned to put the shelves in a garage sale to sell it. Yes, transforming materials is very fun to me too.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Nice work, Steve. Am sure you had fun with this. :)