Monday, November 19, 2007

Paintings and Studio

"Pink and Green," Acrylic Paint, 18 x 18 inches, 2007

"Red Soul and Flows," Acrylic Paint, 24 x 24 inches, 2007

"Red Radiating," Acrylic Paint, 40 x 30 inches, 2007

"Yellow Ring," Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches, 2007

"Black and White Radiating," Acrylic Paint on Unstretched Canvas, 78 x 70 inches, 2007

My Studio (and Bedroom)
On the ground is a canvas I am stretching that is 8 x 8 Feet!

Lulu the Cat (overseer and art critic)

Me in my Studio standing in front of my just begun 8 x 8 Feet Painting!


Robert Shapiro said...

Good to see you up here again Steve, as well as your new works.


Sarah said...

Nice paintings. I enjoy the color... and particularly the gigantic red painting. Can't wait to see what happens with it. Miss you.

Steve said...

Thank you Robert, I appreciate your comment. More new works being posted soon I hope. Goodlife.

Steve said...

Thank you Sarah, glad you like the paintings. I will probably be posting more of the large painting soon.

Lynilu said...

Steve, how is CA agreeing with you? It must be either very good or very bad ... we hear/see from you so infrequently these days! I'm guessing it is the former and that you're doing well.

Enjoying the artwork, but would like to hear more from you if you have time. I'm going to Santa Fe in January. I'll say "Hey" for you!! LOL!

Steve said...

Hi Lyn,
Yes, I am doing quite well.. but now I am living in Chicago! Surely I will be back in CA soon. I know I've been amiss, but very glad to hear from you.
Thanks, I have a few things in a gallery in SF.. I can let you know where so you can visit if you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Wow! How very exciting to find out you are a cat person too. I love your pretty kittykat, LuLu. My cat is so very mischievous that she would probably be painting along side of you. Anyhow, I can't believe you moved again!! I wish I had guts to venture like you. All of your paintings are great, but my favorite is the black and white because it caught my eye the strongest. It made me want to keep looking at the detail. What is the name of the gallery in SF that has some your work? I would like to go and see it. Oh... today is the day you will learn my name. My name is Kathleen...
I hope you have a splendid day!

Steve said...

Thank you Kathleen, yes I love cats. The gallery is called InArt on Delgado Rd. off of Canyon Rd. You could tell them you know me if you want and see some of my work that is not on the walls but back in storage. Glad you enjoyed the Black and White Radiating. Happy Holidays!

Eileen Meyer said...

I love your new work Steve, and I really enjoy sneaking a peek into what's coming down the pike, your sweet little kitty, and your surroundings. Hang in there and keep sharing your gifts with us all!