Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fabric Mandala

Fabric Mandala, approx 40 x 40 inches, Cut fabric triangles arranged on canvas according to color.

Original Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Just beautiful! I love it! I'm glad to hear and see you are doing well. Best of luck always

krystyna said...

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Steve said...

I am honored. Thank you both.

pinkhippo said...

I am so impressed ... it looks so well done. It is made of cut fabric and was arranged to the shades of different colour.

How I wish that I can do something similiar ... :)

Sarah said...

You inspire me!

Steve said...

Thanks - I am very glad to inspire others, I give credit to the universe that inspires me. Pinkhippo, you can do something similar... but it takes some time to do. So know that you will have to be patient. First, just find the materials you want to use. Next, cut them in triangles about 1 inch long, then after hours and hours of cutting, begin to arrange them according to color. Just in piles at first. Then after hours and hours of arranging, begin to glue them to the surface (canvas in this artwork). If you study the detail you can see how this is done overlapping one triangle with the next. After many, many hours of doing this, you will have your finished artwork.
Of course, if you want you can make a much smaller artwork that will take less time. I like to have some very detailed transitions from color to color, but there are many ways to arrange the colored triangles you have cut. All ways are good, and THERE ARE NO WRONG WAYS TO MAKE IT.
Good luck!

Eileen Meyer said...

I'm loving what I'm seeing here Steve. I've always been instantly drawn to the spherical or circular shapes... and with your talent in weaving color, texture, and inspiration into it, it can't help but be a beautiful thing.

Kozi Wolf said...


Mandala said...

very nice mandala :)