Friday, August 31, 2007

Magic Chakra

Magic Chakra, approx 3 feet x 3 feet, constructed of magazine covers in which the images change when you hold the cover at an angle.
The Chakra artworks I've done have become crowd favorites and I plan to make more. Please let me know if ever you are interested in a print... I can have them available immediately and shipped out within a day.

As always thank you for viewing my work, I love to hear your comments!

Art by Steve Panella, 2007

An Orange Soul

Immediately after taking the top photo, I thought this is what a soul looks like. I have no proof except for the belief I have in my intuition.
Top photo is the soul, bottom photo is the same artwork in focus.

Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007

Radiating Heart

Radiating Heart, Approx 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide, Created using paint on plexiglas, paint on both front and back can be seen. Inspired by a specific teacher who continually has showed me how to feel and be in my heart. Thank you.

Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007

Magic I (Eye)

Magic I (Eye), approx 3 feet x 3 feet, created with a "Magic Eye" book
that was shredded in a paper shredder and arranged in a circular pattern to resemble the iris and pupil of an eye.

Art by Steve Panella, 2006

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Body Mandala

Body Mandala, 7 x 7 feet in dimension. Constructed of cut 3 Dimensional Anatomical Charts - these are the shiny or colored diamond shaped pieces that construct the entire mandala.
I've included an image of the anatomy charts used to create the artwork.

Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007