Friday, August 31, 2007

Magic Chakra

Magic Chakra, approx 3 feet x 3 feet, constructed of magazine covers in which the images change when you hold the cover at an angle.
The Chakra artworks I've done have become crowd favorites and I plan to make more. Please let me know if ever you are interested in a print... I can have them available immediately and shipped out within a day.

As always thank you for viewing my work, I love to hear your comments!

Art by Steve Panella, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
These are beautiful! I love the color combinations. Do you glue the magazine strips together? This must take such a a steady hand. Does the artwork have plexiglass on to of it to protect it? I wish I could see your art work in person. I love the images though. Great job!

appy said...

hi there!!! your wrks are amazing :D very beautiful. keep on postin ur wrks more thts a grt wrk :D

Steve said...

Thanks anon and appy. I appreciate your viewership. I will do my best to keep going and keep posting.