Thursday, August 30, 2007

Body Mandala

Body Mandala, 7 x 7 feet in dimension. Constructed of cut 3 Dimensional Anatomical Charts - these are the shiny or colored diamond shaped pieces that construct the entire mandala.
I've included an image of the anatomy charts used to create the artwork.

Artwork by Steve Panella, 2007


Dahna said...

Hi Steve,

It's Dahna...met at the W the last few days. (Jelly Belly invite, ride to Trader Jo's and Tavern on Rush).

Looked at some of your stuff here last night and again this a.m. There are some really cool pieces. I am taking an interesting course called Solaria now and much of the work you do fits. I will forward your link to the group. We do lots of work on energy, source, elimiation of ego, enneagram. Great stuff. I will also send it along to my friend Kathy Slamen

Steve said...

Hi Dahna,
Yes, it was nice to meet you. Glad to hear about your course and thank you for your feedback and for sharing my work with others. I will have a look at Kathy's site. Much success!

Anonymous said...

You are so clever! And I love the poem for your mom.

You are a wonderful artist, and I can see that you love what you do. You transformed Hesed House, truly. Magical.

Alysia (your old neighbor from many decades ago).

Steve said...


Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate the encouragement and it is good to hear from you. If you'd like to email me, I would love to chat more with you.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Google led me to your site. I have 2 say, I love your artwork. Especially the chakra's, mandala's with several materials. I'll definately visit again 2 see more of your creations.

Maybe you wanna check out my Bling Mandala's at

Love to hear what you think.


madzy said...

Hi Steve,

Thanx 4 visiting my page and 4 your positive feedback.

Answering your question: I live in Amsterdam/The Netherlands.