Monday, March 05, 2007

Hands with Energy - Heating the Heart

Hands with Energy, Paint and Ink on Paper, 32 x 20 in., 2007

This is a piece I painted just after the previous Aura of a Burning Heart. It kind of came to me as a vision of these hands that would be "healing" the viewer. But then I began to think that the viewer could be the one doing the healing, so I decided to paint the back of the hands as if they could be the viewer's.

The heart found it's way into the work in an interesting way. After I painted the hands, I noticed the space between the hands looked a bit like a rib cage, and so suggested a place where the heart sits.

The energy coming from the hands is energizing the heart and setting it aflame. It could be understood like reiki energy which after a simple attunement anyone can perform. And fortunately, viewing art requires no attunement at all.. Thanks for looking!


Lynilu said...

I think, Steve, that I like your thought process as much as I like your art. Beautiful.

Margie said...

Amazing work of art Steve!
Just beautiful!

I sent you the email...looking forward to be on your art mailing list!
Have a great and wonderful day Steve!!!!

Dan said...

Very nice my friend! Much classier than my booty-shaking video. :)

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!

Meenu said...

very very beautiful!!!!

Robert Shapiro said...

There comes a time doesn't there, when we must rally around friends and give them the kind of support we have to offer as well as the support that they need. Such a time is here now.

I have spoken to Eileen not too long ago over at and she has been on a long road trip. She's pretty tuckered out and I feel she could use a little encouragement from blogging friends.

I wonder if you would mind going over to her site and just leaving a few encouraging words. I feel this would be very helpful and that she would really appreciate it.

Consider it - okay? Thanks a lot. Goodlife.

Steve said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed. Hope your new house is coming along nicely. :^)

Thanks my pretty poet friend. I appreciate your visit and comment. :^)

Despite the disturbing nature of your video, I rather enjoyed it! :^D

You are sweet. Thank you.

Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. I will check out your blog soon. :^)

It's my pleasure to support my friends. Thanks for your message.

Annelisa said...

Oh, I really love this one - I very much believe that healing energy comes from within, and painting from the viewer's perspective was a dash of genius!

Thanks for visiting my 'letting off steam' blog. How about coming and seeing my photos next atWords that Flow... I think you might like them :-)

Tree said...

After I experienced kundalini, I could place my hand over a person's heart and "see" a great many things. Sometimes, the person would feel warmth radiating out from their heart afterwards.
I haven't done that in a long time but am reminded of it seeing this painting.