Monday, March 12, 2007

A Radiating Heart

Radiating Heart, Paint on Plexiglas, 8 x 5 inches, 2007

This is a piece painted directly on plexiglas, so there are a few areas you can see through.

It came out of me quickly. I was working on another large painting and I suddenly had this idea to do a heart that radiates energy. I was struggling to decide what size to make this painting because I knew it was a good idea. I felt like I wanted to make it quickly (and I had only a couple of sizes of plexiglas) so I opted for a pretty small piece. It painted itself with a flurry of creative energy. I just stepped back and let it happen.


Margie said...

This is another amazing and beautiful work of art!
You put your heart into your work!
Thank you for sharing it here!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Steve, this doesn't look like a quick work. it's very detail.
I love it very much.

Steve said...

Hi Margie,
Thanks for your wonderful comments. I appreciate your kindness and I'm glad to share it. :^)

Hi Pink Ginger,
Thanks for the compliment and for seeing the detail of my art. I am glad that you enjoy it!

Lynilu said...

Hmmm. I like the progression of the last few pieces you've included here in the blog. Interesting sequences. I doubt it was planned, but scroll through and see it. Very interesting work and choices of media. Steve, is there anything you *won't* paint on?! LOL! That is one of the things I like about your work, so much variety. Keep it coming!

Eileen Meyer said...

So beautiful. And even more beautiful to see your work in person! Ah but I'm one of the lucky bloggers to have received a personal tour of the studio. I hope to get some video footage of your work posted... I can't say soon... let's just say, sometime this year ;-)

Dan said...

Beautiful Steve! It also looks like a sunflower to me!

Steve said...

Thanks for noticing this arrangement of works. They are quite ecclectic. I suppose I am the type of artist who adapts the art to the inspiration. So the materials and images can change. That makes it fun for me, but sometimes challenging to the "art world" which apparently seeks continuity. At least that's what I learned from many instructors. Oh well, I just do what I do.
Thanks again.

Thank you for checking out my work, glad you enjoy, and for the video footage update. I had fun presenting in front of the camera. :^D

Thanks for the compliment! Glad to hear your experience, that's one of the things I like about making art is hearing how people experience the art. See you later.

Meenu said...

Let me tell you ..
You are blessed !!!

What a piece of art!
i am a person who belives in living out of imagination .. always .,..
and the way your imagination soars .. !!!!
Your paintings speak ..
as i said in a poem .. you must be too passionate .. else such an art will not be possible!
Hats off to you !
take care

Meenu said...

sorry .. i meant BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Meenu said...

when one sees the pic carefully .. many thoughts run within ..
loved the way you have imagined ..
radiation of positive energy ..
red and yellow mixx with white .. speak .. energy of passion , peace , love and friendship .. positive !!!
grt !

Steve said...

Thank you Meenu. I appreciate your comments and compliments. Glad you enjoyed seeing this piece, I like your interpretation. Visit again soon.

Sadiq M. Alam said...

this one i like very much!

Kozi Wolf said...
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Kozi Wolf said...

hey steve,
im going over your paintings again.
and i love this one. i had the same sort of view earlier today.
funny how it comes up here again.
the little steps of synchronicity are playing.

but id like also to add that a teacher who is reading "the divine matrix" showed me this picture of the energy body and the 'torodoil' energy field which i had never heard of before. you may have.
but if you havent then it's the biggest field in the body. it spins us mostly. it's up at the heart. and now we're getting realigned.
thanks for contributing!
beautiful art