Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Body Artworks

I am working on a new technique utilizing both sides of plexiglas. I have used plexi before but now am exploring the clarity as a way to meld the physical body with the energy body. So you will see four painting explorations using images derived from medical illustrations followed by a self portrait that started as a photo of me. I am pleased with the results of these studies and am continuing to explore this technique.

Untitled (bust), acrylic on plexiglas, 14 x 8 inches, 2008

Cosmic Head, acrylic on plexiglas, 14 x 8 inches, 2008

Cosmic Heart, acrylic on plexiglas, 14 x 8 inches, 2008

Heart Aura in Space, acrylic on plexiglas, 28 x 24 inches, 2008

(Blue) Self Portrait, acrylic on plexiglas, 14 x 8 inches, 2008


Sue O'Kieffe said...

somewhat reminiscent (for me at least) of the work of alex exciting to witness..thanks

Steve said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your comment. I thought a lot about Alex Grey and although I certainly feel a certain kinship between my work and his, there is a very different driving mechanism. He mentions psychedelic art and influence quite a bit which for me relates to a kind of drug influence. My work is not about that. Rather, I see my work as a method of creating. Just as fixing the mind on a certain object draws that object toward you, my art draws certain experiences toward me based upon elements of my work. Right now, I am interested in process, subject and materials as components for certain types of creation. In other words, these things determine the type of experience drawn to me. It is all influenced to a great degree and determined by my own spiritual path. Thanks for your question.