Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hallway Mural

I have been working for the past 6 weeks on this mural at a homeless shelter called Hesed House. It is a busy hallway where guests, staff and volunteers are constantly walking through, doing laundry or commiserating. It was my first mural and I wanted to start with a sky scene because the majority of the painting was to happen on the top third of the walls and ceiling. But as the painting progressed, I decided to forgo the clouds for fun, colorful circles and dotted lines. Many people have commented positively and said that they enjoyed the painting. By the end, when I showed up to paint, the guests were letting everyone know, "the artist is here."

All in all it was a great project that expanded my horizons, and it was interesting to try to work with the space of the hallway, while including the different personalities of the people there. Before and after pictures of the hallway follow. Thanks.




Sarah said...

Inspiring to see this Steve! Good work! Bright and cheerful! :)

Kathleen said...

Hi Steve,

Job nicely done! The place appears brighter with more life to it.

Kozi Wolf said...


Steve said...

Thank you Sarah. Glad you enjoy it.

Thank you Kathleen. I appreciate your comment.

Kozi, thank you. An interesting interpretation.

david santos said...

hi, Steve!
Great work. Fantastic. Good inspiration.

Lynilu said...

Steve, what a job you did there! A great contribution to a worthwhile establishment.

I do drop by, even if I don't always leave comments. :)

Steve said...

Hey David,
Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Hi Lyn,
I am glad to hear you are stopping by still. I guess I haven't been surfing the blogosphere as much as I used to, but I am glad to see you here. Thank you. Take care,