Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Selection of Art Works - color and the body

All works: Paint on plastic with black paper backing, 2007.


Some new works for the heart and soul to feel by and heal by.
Best wishes to all.

All works for sale, laser prints may be purchased - I will sell them according to what you can afford if you like or $25 each. Contact artist here for details.


Eileen Meyer said...

LIFE in and through the human body. Stunning. I am grateful to you in your important work to remind us that we have not been condemned (as the conditioning goes) to have physical bodies, but rather we are blessed.

Sadiq M. Alam said...

hi Steve,
these are your art works! how wonderful!!

thats great to see! thanks for ur visit to my blog and leaving ur footprint.

as mystics say, our body is the macrocosm, a cosmos within. and your heart work of fine details again reminds us that universe within.

keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Excellent detail with the art work!
However, I must say the genitalia was a little much (shocking) for me. I know we all have genitalia, but perhaps my feelings stem back from Adam and Eve after eating the forbidden fruit. It was then that they covered their "private" parts. I realize the human body is beautiful and full of positive and negative energy, but thank goodness for the unseen (and especially clothing) as we go about everyday life. Am I missing something here? Any insight you can give is greatly appreciated.
Light and Energy....

Steve said...

Thank you for the very good question. (Is this Anonymous #2?) Your viewpoint is quite valid. I very much enjoy feedback so I appreciate your sharing. After all, one reason I make art is so it can be shared and reflected upon by others.

For me, there is a sort of process of accepting and exploring that involves an honest look at the body and my feelings about it. The body's relation to the unseen is important as well which I think has manifest as beauty in this series of works. I am proud to say that Art has been a vehicle for facilitating that relationship of body to feelings to unseen.

The creating of this work has brought home a deeper acceptance of body and even beyond into receiving self-love.

These are some of my thoughts on the work, thanks again for your excellent question.

Steve said...

Thank you for your comment .. so well said! It has expanded my understanding of my own work.

Steve said...

Thank you for checking out my blog and sharing your words. I enjoy your blog, and will visit again soon.

krystyna said...

Hi Steve!
All energies have a function and purpose in the Universe.
These energies we cannot see with eyes of the body, but only with the eyes of the soul.
Steve, you've been blessed with the opportunity to see these "subtle energies".

Wishing you the best of life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Yes this is anonymous #2. I don't have a blogger or google account. Thanks for the insight. It was difficult for me to understand (just by viewing) where you, the artist, was coming from/expressing through the brillance of your art. It is truly amazing how your art portrays life in a state that would otherwise not be physically possible (dissection that is).

Anonymous said...

oops...sorry for the typo(brilliance)

krystyna said...

Have a wonderful Sunday, Steve!

Eileen Meyer said...

Hey you! Your posts are getting as few and far between as mine! Whassup?

krystyna said...

Wishing you all the best, Steve!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very fine work. heart and soul alive through your artwrok.

all the best, Steve.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the vividness and honesty of your expression! Keep it up!

david santos said...

You are Master! Thank you

Steve said...

I feel so honored everyone. Thank you for your comments today - Eileen, Krystyna, Pink Ginger, Anonymous and David.

I guess I am wanting to find a more solid and substantial place to show my art. The internet is not enough now. So I plan to put more energy into finding a gallery or other physical outlet for my work in the coming weeks. Don't forget me, I will update at some point I am sure. All Good things everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!
Please let us know if you find a gallery or galleries for your work. I would love to view it in person. I can imagine the pictures via the internet probably doesn't give your work the justice it fully deserves and/or has versus viewing it in person. I heard a gallery is opening in Old Town in Albuquerque by "La Hacienda" restaurant. Most galleries in Old Town tend to be southwestern, but your art could provide variety for potential buyers. I will say some prayers for you. Also, have you ever considered publishing your art work as illustrations in an atlas of human anatomy? This could enable you to still do something you love (but less creative of course), but enable you to make some money to continue your dream. I wish you the very best of luck.

krystyna said...

True words, Anonymous!
May The Universe bring you all that you need.
Peace and Happiness be with you!

Peter said...

Thanks Steve for visiting my blog!

I sincerely very much like what you are doing. Very different - original! I feel that you have found your way and have become a master in the execution!

I will follow your blog and evolution closely!