Monday, April 02, 2007

Assorted Works

Titles: Liver,
Internal Body, Skeleton with Flowers and Grass, Electric Man, Kidneys

works Paint on Plexiglas, 9.5 x 6 inches, 2007


Here are a few assorted works of various body interests- internal structures, body energy, and the connection of body with nature.

I appreciate the artists who have created wonderful informative paintings of the internal structures of the body which I have learned from. I used this book for reference in some of the works above.

All works are for sale, please contact artist here for further information.
I do commissions and shows, please contact artist here for further info.


Anonymous said...

Wow, exactly i don't understand, but i 'feel' it...the picture is so...

Anonymous said...

The pictures aren't showing up on my computer (???)

Seven said...

Me too. I can't see the pics ?

Meenu said...

They are awesome !!!

Anonymous said...

Great art work and talent! These bring back many memories of college gross anatomy and cadaver lab. Why the fascination with the internal structures of the human body?

krystyna said...

Hi Steve!
Very nice shot! You must be so proud! Well done!
Good luck to you!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

picture 3 - the flowers and grass make the skeleton alive. ;)

it is a very unique combination.

i like it.

krystyna said...

Hi Steve!
Wishing you Great Easter Sunday time!

Steve said...

Thank you all. To answer the question about the fascination with internal structures of the body.... I think that it is the unseen aspects of the body that motivate me to make this art.. as I say I am interested in energy.. it is unseen and as well the internal structures are unseen except as explored by others, like DaVinci or Frank Netter. There is something healing about portraying the internal body. I find it quite amazing though I admit I have yet to see an actual internal body.. I have seen preserved bodies at
this amazing show

Thank you for your question. And I appreciate all of your comments on my blog, friends.

Dan said...

Very cool stuff Steve! You must have gone to see that BodyWorks. Was that what it was called? My wife and I saw it when it was in London a few years ago. I think it was in Philadelphia recently.

Happy Easter or Passover!

david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good week.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful explanation to my question. I now view your art in a much different light. Not only are you an outstanding artist with paintings but also with words. I never knew such shows existed. Thanks for the link. I would love to attend one someday.

Lynilu said...

Steve, I've posted a special note for you on my blog. Please go check it out!

Steve said...

Thank you friends. More art is coming.. stay tuned.