Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love, Lover and Beloved

"Love," Paint on Canvas, 70 x 57 inches, 2008

"Lover," Paint on Canvas, 61 x 50 inches, 2008

"Beloved," Paint on Canvas, 96 x 58 inches, 2008

Sufis believe that all is connected as part of God. One way to describe God is through the phrase "God is Love, Lover and Beloved," made known by the famous poet Rumi. I've created 3 paintings to describe my idea of what it means to be human, have feelings and be part of all that is connected.


say-rah said...

Interesting paintings Steve! :) I'm especially drawn to the "lover". Wish I could see them in person so I could experience the full effect. I have a feeling the internet doesn't do them justice.

Steve said...

Thank you Say-rah. I am grateful for the cheerful visit. Yes, they are quite larger and more of a presence in person. But I am glad to be able to paint them and post them on the internet. Happy Wednesday!